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Obliquepenholder Bog Oak 4850 v.2.0

5 500 pуб.
3 999 pуб.

Последний экземпляр.

Версия 2.0. реплики холдера Мореный дуб 4850 ( с февраля 2022 года не производиться. )

Размер: стандарт
Вес: 33 гр
Длина: 16,5см
Материал: пластик
Фланец: универсальный ( перья от маленьких Перо 41, Brause 66 до винтажных с шириной хвоста до 7 мм. Стандартные перья серии G (Zebra,Niko), Hunt22,101, Principal EF устанавливаются без проблем). 
Комплект: Холдер, 3 винтажных пера, 25мл чернил 25,  брендированный чехол.
(перья и цвет чернил в вашем заказе могут отличаться от изображенных на фото)

Подойдет в первую очередь ученикам и путешественникам. Он стоит значительно дешевле, чем оригинал. При этом более прочен , чем холдеры из комбинации дерево-полимер. 

Этот держатель так же можно  купить в магазинах Getpen и BluePumpkin в Москве .

Version 2.0. replica holder Bog Oak 4850 
(from February 2022, it will no longer be produced. The quantity is limited)
Size: TEEN 
Suitable for those who have a smaller hand than the standard one. The size of this holder was made taking into account the average hand of a teenager 12-16 years old.
Weight: 33 g
Length: 16.5cm
Material: Plastic
Flange: universal (feathers from small Pierrot 41, Brause 66 to vintage with a tail width of up to 7 mm. Standard G-series feathers (Zebra,Niko), Hunt 22,101, Principal EF are installed without problems). 
Set: Holder, 3 vintage pens, 25ml ink 25, branded case.
(the pens and ink color in your order may differ from those shown in the photo)

Suitable primarily for students and travelers. It costs significantly less than the original. At the same time, it is more durable than holders made of a wood-polymer combination. 

This holder will be delivered to you within a week* by DHL couriers. 

* - to do this, you need to choose DHL delivery. Be sure to specify your phone number.  The delivery time depends on the location of your city . Approximate delivery time to USA : 4-8 days, Europe : 4-7 days, Australia : 9-12 days, Hong Kong: 6-9 days. I also draw your attention to the parcel comes with an invoice for the full cost of the order. In your country, you will have to pay customs duties. You can find out the amount of duties on the website of the customs office of your state or consult your DHL manager. If you refuse to pay the cost of the duty, the goods will be returned back. Please note, the cost of delivery to your country, the return transfer of the parcel to Russia, as well as the return import duty to Russia will be deducted from the cost of your order when making a refund for your order.  If you have any questions, please email me before making a purchase.
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